We are a widely-operating metal processing company offering a variety of metal processing, CNC metal turning, milling, and welding services.
We use only the most advanced technologies and we work with high precision equipment. Our equipment is designed to deliver solutions for one-off as well as consecutive orders. More information about our equipment can be found in the section describing our technological capabilities.
We have successfully created and continue to manufacture AGAS high-precision motor vehicle body stands for restoring body geometry. For more information on this piece of equipment, visit our website at www.agas.lt or by calling the number indicated in the contact information section.
The company was founded in 1997. It employs only greatly experienced and highly qualified machinists. That is why clients from Lithuania and other European countries turn to us.
We are more than ready to cooperate with you, to thoroughly consider your requests, and to find a mutually beneficial solution to any issue that you may have.




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