ŠIAULIŲ KOORDINATĖ, IC accepts custom orders for manufacturing, designing, and restoring various standard and non-standard parts (gears, gearwheels, sprockets, insets, shafts and other). We also manufacture various metal structures. The company performs metal processing works by providing the following services: Carving / Turning / Welding / Grinding / Coordinate Turning / Thermal Processing / Manufacture and Repair of Granular Parts / Milling / Smithing / Gearwheel (Manufacture) / Welding.

All of the parts, manufactured in accordance with the applicable technologies, are thermally processed, i.e. they undergo quenching, carburising, and tempering. Upon request, we can also blast the metal structure with abrasives, paint, and galvanise it.

We manufacture AGAS high-precision motor vehicle body stands for restoring body geometry. The customer has a choice of two types of stands: AGAS-1 and AGAS-2. For more information on the equipment, visit our website at or by calling the number indicated in the contact information section.

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